"It was time for my Mother and her husband to relocate from a home where she resided for over 40 years. I worked with Mary Little for the majority of 2015 to assist in this major undertaking.

Mary’s impact far exceeded her endless hours of packing, purging, sorting, and staging. Mary offered empathy, emotional support, encouragement, and above all levity and humor. Mary’s ability to motivate and mobilize my Mother and her husband was amazing. 

I underestimated the emotional strain on my Mother and her husband. I reflected upon published lists of life’s greatest stressors which positions 'moving' at the top, but compounding this fact was working with seniors that are transitioning to a senior living facility. There is much grief; grief of leaving a home where you raised your children & created memories. And, grief of being the person you once were … able to navigate stairs, managing home maintenance, cleaning, yard work, etc. 

Mary was instrumental in assessing our needs and customizing her assistance which contributed to a house sold and a successful life transition! She was a confidant and a support to me. I will be forever grateful for her organizational skills, her patience, her joyous disposition, and strong work ethic.”


Tracy Kemp Stallings